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The holder of personal data is Giglio Fiorentino Sas, located in Via Pratese 92/94 - 50145 Florence (FI).

Giglio Fiorentino Sas processes personal data in order to provide its services to its customers and users, to provide targeted advertising, to detect the frequency of visits to the site

Please be aware that for these purposes, the provision of personal data is optional, but it can serve to improve our products and services and to inform you about updates of your interest.

You will always be able to check and revoke any consent given for such purposes at any time, in the manner described for the accomplishment of your rights here below specified.

At all time shall remain the right of contractors to exercise the rights reported in the art.7 of the Code, in particular: the right to access their personal information, request its correction, updating and cancellation if incomplete or incorrect or collected in violation of existing legislation and to oppose their processing for legitimate reasons, by questioning (via email to customer support: or by accessing the website section "your information."

When a user makes access to the website, our authorized service providers may use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies for advertising purposes and to store information in order to provide a better, faster and safer experience.

Through this statement we intend to provide some guidance about the technologies used and how they are used in our websites and services, apps and tools. The following table shows some important things you should know about the use of these technologies.

What are cookies, web beacons and similar technologies

Like most websites, we use small data files that are saved on your computer, tablet, mobile phone or other mobile device (generally referred to as "Device") to record certain data every time you log in, or interact with our sites, services, apps, tools, and messaging systems.

The names and the specific types of cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies used may change over time. To help you better understand the Giglio Fiorentino Sas rules and the use of such technology, we provide the following some terms and their definitions:

Cookies: small text files (usually composed by letters and numbers) which are saved in the browser's or device's memory when you visit a website or visualize a message. Cookies allow a website to recognize a particular device or browser. There are several types of cookies:

- Temporary (or session) cookies are used to store temporary information. They allow you to connect your actions during that particular session and they are removed from your computer when you close Internet Explorer;

- Permanent (or saved) are used to store information, such as name and password, so as to avoid the user having to enter them again each time you visit a specific site; they remain stored on your computer after you close Internet Explorer;

- First Party: they derive from the displayed website and they can be permanent or temporary; they can be used to store information that will be reused the next time you visit the website;

- Third Party: they derive from ads displayed on other websites, such as pop-ups or banners; they can be used to track the use of the website for marketing purposes.

Cookies can be disabled or removed using the tools available in most browsers. The cookies preferences must be set individually for each browser used, because each one provides specific options and features.

Web beacons: snippets of code which allow a website to transfer or collect information through the request of a graphic image; they can be used for different purposes, such as website use analysis, monitoring and reporting on advertising and personalization of advertising and contents;

Similar technologies: technologies which store data in the browser or device by using locally shared objects or local storage, such as Flash cookies, HTML 5 cookies and other software methods for web applications.

These technologies work in all browsers. In some cases the local storage use can not be fully managed by the browser, and it requires management through specific tools. We do not use these technologies to store information to target advertising on our or other websites.

The cookies on our websites

Our cookies have different functions. They are useful for the functioning of our services, they allow us to improve performance and offer additional features or they enable us to provide you with targeted advertising in line with your interests. We use cookies and similar technologies which remain on your device only for the period of your browser activity (session cookies) or for a longer period (persistent cookies).

You can block them, delete them or turn them off if your device allows it. You can manage cookies and cookies preferences in the settings of your device or browser.

Where possible, security measures are implemented in order to prevent unauthorized access to cookies and similar technologies. A unique code ensures that only we and /or our authorized service providers can access the cookies data.

Service providers are companies which support us in various aspects of our business, dealing, for example, with operations, services, advertising and website tools. We use our authorized service providers to produce online advertising related to your interests, our services and other Internet pages. These service providers may insert cookies in your device by using our services (third party cookies). They can also obtain information which enables them to identify your device, such as your IP address or other unique codes, or device.

Certain features, services, and website tools are available only through the use of these technologies. You can always block them, delete them or turn them off if your browser or device allows it. For more information on how to block, delete or disable these technologies, go to the settings of the used device or browser.

Consent the use of cookies

The first time you access to our website, you will find a banner containing some brief information on the use of cookies.

You have three alternatives:

- the "scroll down" (i.e. the movement of the mouse wheel) or click on the OK button which corresponds to giving the consent to the use of cookies, as indicated in the brief informative banner;

- a click on the X button, will correspond to the non-acceptance of the use of cookies;

- the access to the "Cookies Policy" and the choice between different types of cookie options shall entail different consequences depending on the cookie category.

Categories of cookies

Technical cookies

They are useful for the functioning of our services, allow us to improve performance. These technologies enable our sites, services and tools, to store important information on your browser or device and then use them later to identify you on our server or internal systems. Where applicable, we protect cookies and other similar technologies to ensure that only Giglio Fiorentino Sas and / or our authorized service providers can interpret them by giving them a unique code. Your personal data is not stored in cookies or similar technologies used.

All personal data collected and stored by the use of these technologies are obtained only after having provided a specific disclosure ..

The uses of these technologies fall within the following general categories:

1. Necessary use from an operational point of view. The use of cookies, web beacons or similar technologies may be necessary for the operation of websites, services and tools. This includes technologies which allow users to access the websites, services and tools required to prevent fraudulent activity and improve safety or to use other features such as shopping carts, saved searches or similar functions.

2. Use related to performances. We may use cookies, web beacons or similar technologies to evaluate the performance of our websites tools and services, including analysis activities in order to understand how visitors use our websites (whether they interacted with our messaging system or visualized an item or a link) or to improve the content, apps, services, or website tools.

3. Use related to functionality. We may use cookies, web beacons or similar technologies to offer advanced functionality while accessing or using our websites, services or tools. Thanks to these functionalities we can, for example, identify users who access our websites or either monitor their preferences, interests or previously-viewed items, in order to improve the presentation of the contents on our websites.

The consent to the use of these cookies is not mandatory. If you prefer not to accept the use of cookies you can disable them as mentioned above; in this case you may not be able to take advantage of certain features, services, or tools of the website. The website may ask you to re-enter your password multiple times during a session.

First party profiling cookies and marketing

We may use first party cookies and web beacons to suggest contents, including relevant advertising to users' interests, on our websites or on third party websites. This includes the use of technology to better evaluate the usefulness of advertising and contents presented to the user, for example by monitoring whether selected or not an advertisement.

For this type of cookies your explicit consent is needed.

We can collaborate with other companies, generally known as service providers, who are authorized to use cookies, web beacons or similar technologies to store data on our websites or in our services and tools. These service providers allow us to offer a better, faster and safer experience on our websites.

These service providers can use these technologies to help us provide our content and our advertising and create anonymous statistics and analysis of the website. We do not allow any of our service providers to collect your personal information on our website or through our services or tools for their purposes. These service providers are subject to confidentiality agreements with us and other legal restrictions regarding the use or collection of any personal information. The use of user cookies is governed by the privacy policies of such third parties.

Except for the use of such technologies by our service providers or other authorized third parties, we do not accept any content on the websites from other entities (such as insertions, communications between users, contacts, comments, reviews, etc.) to include or use cookies, web beacons, local storage or similar technologies to monitor or capture your personal information.

Refusing first party cookies and web beacons related to advertising, however, will not disable the display of our advertising, but it will not be targeted to your interests, as it would be if I used cookies and web beacons or related technologies.

Continuing navigation or closing this window, you give your consent to the installation of first party profiling and marketing cookies.

If you reject all the other types of technologies used on our websites, services, apps or tools, you can block, delete or deactivate them as allowed by your device or browser.

For more information on third party cookies related to advertising and how to disable them, please visit the following website:

For further information on cookies please contact us by writing to: